Creative Nonfiction

BWR42.1_Cover_front_web-e1453239237454“Schizophrenia Redux.” The Black Warrior Review.

Excerpt: “At a red light, I see him for the first time in four years. Caught in the frame of my car mirror, he’s nothing but skeletal bone. Skin stretched tight over the curve of his cheekbones, his lips parched white. He flicks his fingers around each other, hands empty of cigarettes.”



“This Monstrous Heart.” New Delta Review.

Excerpt: “My brother believes his body is inhabited by the devil. Lodged somewhere between vessel and bone, the devil makes a home for himself. This is something my brother can feel, and he says it’s as though a piece of himself has been carved away to make space.”



“A Family Medical History in Five Parts.” South Loop Review.

Excerpt: “She births her children in the half-space between the United States and Canada.  And for all that she is, she does not imagine much life beyond the reaches of their farm. Out there spaces are marked in barbed wire and rough hewn lumber.  She is reassured by the dark hair of her ten children, and the plump chickens rounding the yard. These are things she can touch.”


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